United Federation of Planets
United Federation of Planets
Abbrev U.F.P.
State Type Interstellar Federal Republic
Founded 2161
Status Active
Location Sol System, Sector 001
Capital Paris, France, Earth
Head of State President of the United Federation of Planets
Deputy Head of State Vice-President of the United Federation of Planets
Governing Authority Federation Government
Military Starfleet Armed Forces
Official Language Federation Standard
Official Currency Federation Unit
Population 9.85 Trillion
Area Size 10,000 ly2

The United Federation of Planets (abbreviated as UFP and commonly referred to as the Federation) was established in 2161 and is an interstellar Federal Republic and alliance of over 200 planetary governments spread across 10,000 light years.

1) History

A precursor to the United Federation of Planets, the Coalition of Planets was a loose alliance whose formation established in 2155 by various Alpha and Beta Quadrant governments to defend the galaxy against the Romulan Star Empire. The the United Federation of Planets was founded in 2161. The Federation established Starfleet Forces shortly after its development to focus on the exploration and defense of the galaxy. Rather than be subjugated by other empires many planets chose to join the Federation due to its cooperative stance and a golden age of discovery was born. This, however, brought it into conflict with neighboring powers who saw the Federation as encroaching upon their rights and territory.

Chief among the Federation's earliest detractors were the members of the Klingon Empire. While knowledge of the Klingon Empire was widespread the Klingons had been scattered and quiet for almost a century after the Federation was founded. In 2255 the Federation and the Klingons were in an open state of conflict and these two groups came close to open conflict multiple times until the Organians intervened in the year 2267 and forced the two groups to enter into a peace treaty. Around the same time the Romulan Star Empire - quiet following the Treaty of Cheron in 2161 - reemerged into galactic politics as a major player. Complicating the Federation's efforts was a brief Klingon/Romulan alliance that involved the exchange of technology amongst the two groups. Around the same period the Federation encountered multiple major governments and expanded their influence amongst multiple minor powers. The Federation continued to grow apace as a second golden age of discovery emerged. The relationship between the Federation and the Klingons cooled over the last half of the 23rd Century and a new peace was cemented with the signing of the Khitomer Accords in 2293. An age of hostility was quickly ended between the two major powers dominating the Quadrant.

The early 24th Century was known for the Tomed Incident which resulted in the Treaty of Algeron which led to the Federation dismissing the development of cloaking technology and the Romulan Empire retreating behind its borders. Relations with the Klingons soured over time and the risk of war was growing in the 2340s. All of that changed when the Starship Enterprise was lost defending the Klingon Outpost at Narrendra from a Romulan fleet. This secured the Federation/Klingon Alliance. At the same time the Federation's relationship with the Cardassian Union descended into war and several other border skirmishes between the Federation and races including the Talarians, Tholians, and the Tzenkethi. Despite this minor conflicts the Federation continued to develop and expand its sphere of influence. Federation development, however, was not prepared for the emergence of the Borg threat and the Dominion. Conflicts with these groups nearly cost the Federation its very soul after a protracted war with the Dominion; however, the Federation stood close to its ideals and continued to pursue peaceful exploration of the galaxy.

In the latter years of the 24th Century the Federation was rocked by the Hobus Event and the fallout of the failure of the Vulcans to act to help the Romulans. The Federation offered support to the Romulans during this period as their Empire struggled to survive the destruction of their homeworld and nearly 75% of the Romulan fleet. This damaged the Federation's relationship with the Klingon Empire which was further damaged by the influence of the Undine and the Klingon's efforts to expand against the Gorn. The Klingons would eventually invade the Archanis Sector of Federation Space which led to a five year war between the two powers in the early 25th Century. Further, the Federation was heavily criticized for its efforts to rebuild the Cardassian Union following the Dominion War.

In 2420 the growing threat of the Supremacy did much to stabilize the peace in the galaxy and led to the creation of the Federation Alliance; however, the stability of this new alliance has recently been called into question. Complicating matters the Federation's relationship with the Romulan Star Empire was significantly harmed when the Federation supported the establishment of the Romulan Republic and provided support to its development. In 2426 the Federation was rocked to its very core with the Confederacy of Vulcan chose to secede from the Federation to join the Romulan Empire and a devastating terrorist attack destroyed the Vulcanis Lunar Colony (the only Vulcan world which chose to remain loyal to the Federation). Further, with the emergence of Governor Krenek, Son of Kol as Chancellor of the Klingon Empire the relationship between the two has taken a significant turn once more.

Despite this, the Federation is focused on peaceful coexistence with neighboring powers and it is a highly idealistic government focused on universal liberty, rights, and equality. The Federation has successfully negotiated treaties with each major power within the galaxy and does not attempt to expand its sphere of influence by force. Additionally, the Federation has focused itself on the advancement of the citizens of its worlds, as such the Federation is a government that lacks an official currency nor drive for wealth.

2) Government of the UFP

The Federation Government is a representative republic that is fundamentally derived from the Articles of the Federation - the document from which the rights of Federation Citizens are collected. These documents give way to the three branches of the Federation government and detail the requirements of each of these functions.

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3) Members of the United Federation of Planets

The members of the United federation of Planets includes 177 member worlds including the 5 founding members and Federation territories, colonies, and protectorates.

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4) Galactic Location Map of the Federation


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