Federation Department of Starfleet
Federation Department of Starfleet
Affiliation Federation Government
Location Paris, France, Earth, Sol System
Founded 2161
Political Head Federation Secretary of Starfleet
Deputy Political Head Deputy Secretary Starfleet
Military Head Commander-in-Chief, Starfleet
HQ Personnel 13,500
Total Personnel 16,500,000
Parent Department Federation Department of Defence

The Federation Department of Starfeet (FDoSF) the executive service department of the Federation Government which is charged with coordinating, controlling and supervising all agencies and functions of the government concerned directly with federation defence and security.

This department is administered by a civilian cabinet officer known as the Federation Secretary of Starfleet who is member of the Federation Cabinet.

The departments primary offensive and defensive assets are the collective service branches known as the Starfleet Armed Forces. these overseen by the Commander-in-Chief, Starfleet who controls and directs the forces through Starfleet Command.

1) Departmental Overview

The Federation Department of the Star Fleet is controlled and directed through the Office of the Federation Secretary of Star Fleet, also known as the SECSF in starfleet jargon, they have the authority to conduct all of the affairs of the department, subject to lawful authority, the Office of the Federation Secretary of Defence, and the Office of the Federation President.

The Secretary of the Starfleet is appointed by the President on the advice and consent of the Federation Senate. The Secretary is assisted by the Federation Deputy Secretary of Starfleet they are further supported by four Assistant Secretaries of the Starfleet and a General Counsel Department of Starfleet, who are also appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Federation Council.

The highest ranking military officers in the Department of the Starfleet are formally Commander-in-Chief, Star Fleet Forces also known as the Commander-in-Chief, Starfleet, the Deputy-Commander-in-Chief Starfleet Forces and the Chief of Staff Starfleet Forces, they are collectively the principal military advisors to the Secretary of Star Fleet. They are based at Star Fleet Operating Forces Head Quarters. In a joint capacity they are members of the Star Fleet Joint Chiefs of Staff.

2.) Senior Leadership

2.1) Defence Secretariat (Civil)

The Federation Defence Secretariat, also known within DoS as the Starfleet Secretariat is the immediate headquarters staff that supports the Secretary of Starfleet in discharging his duties. It is the civilian leadership component of the Federation Department of Starfleet.

The Federation Defence Secretariat is controlled and directed by the Federation Secretary of Starfleet.

2.2) Joint Chiefs of Staff (Military)

Main Article: Starfleet Armed Forces Joint Chiefs of Staff

The Starfleet Armed Forces Joint Chiefs of Staff (SFAF,JCS) is a body of senior uniformed leaders in the Federation Department of Starfleet who advise the Federation Secretary of Starfleet, the Federation Security Council and the Federation President on military matters.

3) Governance

In general terms federation defence is managed through a number of major committees that provide leadership and strategic direction.

  1. Federation Defence Council - chaired by the Secretary of Starfleet
  2. Defence Board – chaired by the Permanent Secretary to Starfleet
  3. Starfleet Chiefs of Staff Board – chaired by the Chairman of the Joint Chief's
  4. Starfleet Service Boards (Starfleet Admiralty Board, Starfleet General Officer Board and Air Force Board)

3.1) Federation Defence Council

Main Article: Federation Defence Council

The Federation Defence Council is the senior committee which provides the legal basis for the conduct and administration of defence and this council is chaired by the Secretary of Starfleet, The Defence Council reflects the constitutional principle that the defence forces are commanded by the Federation President through his/her executive representative Secretary of Starfleet. The council meets four times a year.

3.2) Federation Defence Board

Main Article: Federation Defence Board

The Federation Defence Board is described as the highest committee of the Federation Department of Starfleet, responsible for the full range of defence business other than the conduct of operations. It meets every month and provides strategic direction and oversight of defence matters.

3.3) Starfleet Chiefs of Staff Board

Main Article: Starfleet Chiefs of Staff Board

This board is chaired by the Chairman of the Joint Chief's and is the department of starfleet's senior committee that allows the CJS to gather information and advice from the single service chiefs of staff on operational matters and the preparation and conduct of military operations.

3.4) Single Service Boards

There are three single service boards: Starfleet Admiralty Staff Board, Starfleet General Staff Board and the Starfleet Air Staff Board all of which are chaired by the Secretary of Starfleet.

In general the purpose of the boards is the administration and monitoring of single service performance. Each of these three boards has an executive committee chaired by the single service chief of staff; Admirals Council, General Officer's Council and the Air Marshal's Council.

4) Starfleet Armed Forces

The Starfleet Armed Forces are the collective uniformed services directed from Starfleet Command by the Commander-in-Chief, Starfleet who is based at Starfleet Headquarters.

5) Unified Service Commands

A unified service command, also referred to as a combatant command, and the joint service command of the Federation Department of Starfleet that is composed of two or more service branches of the Starfleet Armed Forces, and conducts broad and continuing missions.

5.1) Starfleet Command

Main Article: Starfleet Command

Starfleet Command is the primary command center of the Federation Department of Starfleet. The command center is managed on a day to day basis the Chief of Staff, Starfleet Command.

The command is divided between two locations the main HQ facility is located at Starfleet Headquarters. The other facility is the Fleet Operations Center located in Earth orbit on Starbase 1.

6) Federation Defence Agencies

  1. Federation Defence Acquisition
  2. Federation Defence Administration
  3. Federation Defence Auditing
  4. Federation Defence Research and Development
  5. Federation Defence Intelligence Agency
  6. Federation Defence Logistics Agency
  7. Federation Defence Missing in Action Agency
  8. Federation Defence Plans and Policies
  9. Federation Defence Prisoner of War Agency
  10. Federation Defence Security Agency
  11. Federation Defence Threat Reduction Agency
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